Local Holiday Videos for LDDA

Longmont Colorado

Project Type:
Video Production
Services Provided
Complete Video Production
Tools Used:
Final Cut Pro Canon R5 4k

LDDA Longmont

Downtown Development Organization

We worked with the Longmont Downtown Development Associate to create compelling and nostalgic videos to showcase local stores and restaurants.  We wanted to encourage shoppers to be safe and shop local during the holiday.

The videos featured stores and restaurants within a five-block radius of the 300 block of Main Street.  A vintage red car served as our centerpiece to create an atmospheric mood for shoppers who were experiencing nostalgia through their senses.

We also wanted to show how safe it is, so we included scenes of people wearing masks and mask signage.  We worked with the LDDA to identify businesses that we would capture.    We wanted to showcase them and show how they contribute to a vibrant downtown.

They were uploaded onto YouTube on November 29th - before Black Friday weekend began. The LDDA was able to share the videos with their audience through Facebook Live events

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