Putting Two New Stores On The Map

Fort Collins, Arvada, and Longmont CO

Project Type:
Online Directories, Photography
Services Provided
Photography, Video Production, Online Directories, Web Design, Store Concept Consulting, PR, Shopify
Tools Used:
Google My Business, Studio Photography, Weebly

Crystal Joys

Crystal Jewelry Boutique specializing in handmade jewelry

Two New Stores With One Amazing Mission

Crystal Joys is an amazing little gem of a boutique.  They have this incredible selection of handmade jewelry made from crystal and various minerals.  Beyond the store is the mission of the business.  They employ adults with disabilities in the store to not only help customers but also to create some of the jewelry.   Crystal Joys was expanding from their original location to two new cities.  Conecto provided various services to the company over the past year but we wanted to explain the foundation that they were built on.

Find Me Online - Then Find Me In Person

Many companies think only about the physical build out of their businesses.  But just as important as building out the space is to also build out the online presence.  People are used to looking on their phones for businesses.  Not on the web, but on maps.  Think of the last time you looked for a new restaurant.  Maps is the third largest search platform, and getting your business on maps isn’t just creating a listing.  Conecto worked with the Crystal Joys team to build out the online presence and round it out with inviting pictures of the stores.  A solid foundation of building out the most important online directories will help your customers find you.

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